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Where some companies simply see plots and opportunities for economic expansion, Sultan homes and real estate sees the potential to create lasting footprints and improve lives. We believe there’s more to a structure than just walls, floors, windows and doors. This leads us to develop estates around the communities our developments are located in by improving social amenities and investing strategically in education and healthcare. We aim to have our indigenous communities feel included in our estate developmental projects creating equality and a true sense of community within and outside the walls of our estate.

Where some simply see a new and modern real estate community, we see long lasting improvements to entire indigenous communities which will positively impact generations to come.


At Sultan homes and real estates we care about quality because we care about our employees, our clients, and our community. Our approach to our projects reflects our shared purpose, vision, and values. The Sultan team continually searches for opportunities to support our community by engaging community leaders and local hospitals and schools to identify areas we can improve upon in relation to our community building mission.

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