Asomaning Ekow

Architect at HHAG Designs

  • Specialties: Real estate development

About Asomaning Ekow

Ekow is a professional and innovative architectural designer with comprehensive years of practical constructive engineering experience with a primary focus on actualizing clientele concepts, visions and rendering best fit design solutions.

He is a firm believer in the use of architecture as a tool for creating beautiful and structurally sound designs which emphasize on maximum space utilization for aesthetic appeal. Not only is he self-motivated, he is also an innovative team player who is always eager to contribute towards architectural engineering, designs and partnership development.

His career path has been inspired and shaped by not only his occupations in the field of construction and architecture but also by his immediate family relations. He earned a bachelor and master’s degree at “the full name of the university” (KNUST) in 2016 and 2018 respectively. He currently operates as the chief designer for KWEKS Republic, co-founds HHAG DESIGNS and functions as the assistant architect for PBI GROUP Limited amongst other partnership developments, collaborations and product schemes.

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